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Desires of a Vampire


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Ongoing: 01 Mar 43 pages

Publication: 27.01.2021 — ...
Contests: Beauty and the Beast

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Description of book "Desires of a Vampire"

Sunny Clyde Villania, 22, graduating student who is having difficulties with her deadlines and grades. She is busy with bonding and dreaming of future with her friends, and also dealing with her complicated love life. She was living a good life¬–she thought that she was living a good life, not until he met Steven.
Steven Andre Rendezcah, 21, an immortal vampire, who is living in the human world. All he wanted to do is live his life and do what are the human is doing. A serious one and doesn’t want to have any connection with humans.
When they meet each other, what will happen to the both of them? Will Sunny be able to accept who Steven really are?

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