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Book. "His Sugar, Her Spice..." read online

His Sugar, Her Spice...

Marjory Bloom

Series: BDSM Club Gold series.

Story about:young innocent orphan girl, sexy bilionair, dark erotic secrets bdsm

Age restriction: 18+

176 9730

#434 in Romantic erotica
#69 in BDSM

Complete 79 pages

Publication: 09.09.2022 — 21.11.2022

Description of book "His Sugar, Her Spice..."

I'm Amanda, a 18 year old orphan. I was living under the bridges of the city and had to steal to survive.....till one day i stole from the wrong man! A powerfull develish handsome Biljonaire who was borred in his life and was looking for something "new"
He makes an offer i can't refuse!.....become his and he will not report me to the police!!!
What shall i do?? Run away with the change of being locked up eventually or give in to this man with his strange sexuall fantasy's??......


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Payal Pradhan
09.10.2022, 17:01:27

love it

Marjory Bloom
09.10.2022, 17:11:57

Payal Pradhan, thanks dear!
do follow me for my other stories:)

Hana Liaqat
23.09.2022, 19:00:34

Your stories are nice but very spelling mistakes in it please try to check it

Marjory Bloom
24.09.2022, 14:22:40

Hana Liaqat, i finished editing the compleet book!

Arundhati Sengupta
21.09.2022, 13:24:57

This book is it edited version ?? I found numerous glaring errors here, sorry to say, which is y cudnt read the full story. Pls try with some editing to the story

Marjory Bloom
21.09.2022, 13:29:05

Arundhati Sengupta, sorry for that, i will do some editing asap! thanks for reading and your comment :)

Sunana Ahmad
17.09.2022, 18:22:50

too short to be truth...but very interesting at the same time.

Marjory Bloom
17.09.2022, 18:38:18

Sunana Ahmad, sorry about the short part!
i started some months ago with writing and haven't find the skill yet to write very long stories....find it difficult, hard to focus to write for long so that's why my story's might be shorter than others!
thanks for reading and xomenthing aniways;)

Sunana Ahmad
17.09.2022, 15:29:08

what kind of mother she have!!!!..and what kind of life she get into...poor girl

Marjory Bloom
17.09.2022, 18:31:22

Sunana Ahmad, True

Sunana Ahmad
17.09.2022, 11:53:18

well let dig in...

Marjory Bloom
17.09.2022, 12:48:39

Sunana Ahmad, enjoy reading!!
and follow me for more;)

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