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My High School Crush

The Fallen Angel

Story about:first love, family, childhood bestfriend

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Description of book "My High School Crush"

Jessica Williams is your typical Senior nerd except that she has two great best friends - Sophia and Emily. She has great dreams and big imaginations. But being held up with all the studying, she does not really have much of an interesting life outside her books and her room. With her BFFs beside her, who will stop at nothing to get her to attend prom, will her best friends get to change her mind about going to prom? What will happen when her high school crush sits next to her in her history class? Will she ever have the opportunity of giving her love life a chance before the school year ends?


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Sakshi D
22.10.2021, 07:17:26


06.05.2021, 15:16:39

Y u haven't completed ur book

The Fallen Angel
31.05.2021, 09:29:16

Afreen Shaikh, Hi. Thank you for your interest with this book. Unfortunately, this book is already signed an exclusive contract on another platform. It is already completed on that platform.

If you wish to read the rest of the story, please click the link below.

Thank you.

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