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Book. "Playing with reality. "Time"" read online

Playing with reality. "Time"

Helen Polsi

Story about:adventures, timetravel, inexplicable bond

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#297 in Mystery
#29 in Urban fantasy

On Hold: 05 Aug 237 pages

Publication: 23.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Playing with reality. "Time""

And what will you feel when you wake up in the morning and realize that you are not in your cozy bedroom, but in a completely unfamiliar place? Shock? Fear? Despair?
It was these emotions that overwhelmed Helen when she realized in the morning that she was nowhere to be seen. An unfamiliar apartment, a strange city outside the window… Helen did not remember how and why she was here. And, as it turned out, not alone, but with her best friend Yves.
The girls are trying to find answers to questions and understand the circumstances under which this strange journey took place. The most interesting thing awaited them ahead. The journey turned out to be not simple, but temporary… And the reason for this time travel was Helen herself…


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05.06.2022, 01:04:57

doesn't she remember niko from her dream. jodha and akbar loved that movie. next update pls

05.06.2022, 10:14:05

Helen Polsi, of course, I forgot.
suspense is the spice

03.06.2022, 00:47:27

I really like your book and the regular update

04.06.2022, 12:42:51

Comment has been deleted

Nastya Krasnogoloveca
29.05.2022, 22:18:13

Comment has been deleted

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