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Book. "Reach For The Dream" read online
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#82 in Short stories
#88 in Young adult

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Publication: 18.08.2022 — 18.08.2022

Description of book "Reach For The Dream"

Has someone ever told you that your dreams are nonsense, and you should not waste your time on them? Has someone ever tried to ruin them at the root and decide how you should live, saying they know much better? That’s what my mother is doing. She believes my wish of becoming a writer is a stupid thing. But I am not going to give up so easily and will do my best to reach for my dream and prove to her that my hobby is not a waste of time, as she wants to think.

Author's Note: this is my third short story, which was inspired by the videos in the style "someone does something and has to regret it" by the English-speaking YouTube-blogger. I wanted to write something to let you know if you really want something and work much and with pleasure, it will lead you to some success early or late.


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