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Book. "Secrets told by Her" read online
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#391 in Romantic suspense
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On Hold: 23 Aug 6 pages

Publication: 21.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Secrets told by Her"

Imagine you are on the way to see your girlfriend in bad weather and there is a train of bodies lying on the white ground with their blood spattered on the bright white snow.

Imagine when you open the door of your girlfriend's house and instead of your girlfriend, you meet with your sister lying in her pool of blood on the verge of death who was lost for the past 2 years.

Imagine on the day of Christmas when all the people of the world were celebrating the festival with their families, your sister went into a coma and your girlfriend got kidnapped with your just-born nephew.

Isn't enough to break down?
But more secrets are waiting for them and more to come.

Stay tuned to read more


Qubool hai!...

With the end of this word, I sealed my life and dre


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Ansara Khan
31.01.2023, 16:45:54

author this chapter 1 was just the recap from previous book right ?? like everything that happened between them how they met, how Prisha became the CA of his company and all... why did you post this?? rather than continuing where Prisha and the baby get caught by some men, I really wanted to read the continuation, hope you start the book again soon!!

24.09.2022, 18:31:43

the chapter was absolutely adorable but pardon me if I come out rude love but I was just wondering when you will publish the new chapter...

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