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Book. "Sinister Intent ~ Book 2 of Changing Tides" read online

Sinister Intent ~ Book 2 of Changing Tides

JL Warren

Series: Changing Tides

Story about:ceo, gang, loveandcrime

26 206

#511 in Contemporary Romance
#307 in Young adult

Sample 5 pages

Publication: 10.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "Sinister Intent ~ Book 2 of Changing Tides"

In the aftermath of an explosion of bad events, Skylar tries to avoid Kade but somehow the attraction she feels for him is like never before and she falls in love with him. However, on the road to love, Skylar eventually gets introduced to her father's gang and she is thrown head first into the rough ways of life and the tender warmth of the heart.

Despite his heart getting broken, Kade Bennet still feels an intense pull toward Skylar and even though his heart has been shattered, he falls completely in love with her. All of his walls come crashing down just as he is dipped into a world full of drugs, sex and partying and it sends his world into chaos.

Skylar Stewart's family secret is out, but will she have the happy endings they want, as well can Kade accept the ways of Skylar's family


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