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A story Between Faraz Khan, A billionaire and Zafrine Ahmed, a billionaire's daughter

"Sorry! But let me borrow this lip" Faraz said
Before I could said anything he give me smooch kiss on my lips. I was surprised . Everyone claps get me out of my surprise. His lips was soft and sweet and it was my first kiss.
"I know my lips are soft and sweet! I can kiss you anytime sweetheart! So for now smile" Faraz said with smirk
"Like I want " I hissed

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Dream of books 13.01.2021, 11:06:38

I know the story me before you my sister recommendend it but the last part is very painful I know

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Dream of books 23.01.2021, 19:36:51

Rajni Kumari, me before you

Rajni Kumari 23.01.2021, 11:47:42

Next update please

Naaz Patel 18.01.2021, 08:36:04

plz update❤❤

Marivic Titular 14.01.2021, 11:11:25

pls continue the witty honeymoon

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Aparajita 14.01.2021, 12:25:28

Marivic Titular, Yep I will

NAINAJAFAR 13.01.2021, 08:03:41

will you update fast

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Aparajita 13.01.2021, 11:50:00

NAINAJAFAR, I will try my best to update as soon as possible

Marivic Titular 10.01.2021, 02:44:02

next chapter pls you have a beautiful story.thank you❤

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Aparajita 12.01.2021, 00:11:29

Marivic Titular, Tonight please kindly wait for my next update.
I will update a new chapter

Rajni Kumari 05.01.2021, 12:06:11

When u will update the chapter?

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Aparajita 06.01.2021, 00:35:56

Rajni Kumari, I'm still working on the next chapter so when it finish I'll update
I cant tell you the exact date but very soon
Sorry for the delay

NAINAJAFAR 01.01.2021, 20:33:45

happy new year

Tanistha Mudaliar 31.12.2020, 05:07:33

no.. It's the perfect time for their time actually

Liana Mery 28.12.2020, 18:01:32

Happy New Year author....

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Liana Mery 29.12.2020, 07:28:52

Aparajita , In advance actually.

Sofia Godwin 28.12.2020, 21:51:04

Love your story update everyday pls

Farzana Mulla 28.12.2020, 18:56:06

happy new year !!!! and thanks for the update ... :-)

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Aparajita 28.12.2020, 19:03:59

Farzana Mulla, Happy new year

Mansi Suman 28.12.2020, 18:32:47

Happy new year !! and the update was really good ...

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Aparajita 28.12.2020, 19:03:46

Mansi Suman, Happy new year and thanks?

Riddhi Tuli 23.12.2020, 17:00:47

Dear author its been 24 days and you haven't updated a single chapter plz at least give a reason.....waiting for your reply

Nadiya burakh 13.12.2020, 20:58:22

plz update this soon

l swetha 30.11.2020, 15:38:29

Woww super, ur super junior fan

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l swetha 11.12.2020, 10:43:38

Aparajita ,

Ting Mertola 27.11.2020, 12:25:59

Updates please

sana sherin 27.11.2020, 10:50:59

Pls update soon

Dream of books 27.11.2020, 09:04:23

update soon nice story please update soon

Nadiya burakh 21.11.2020, 14:54:10

plz update the story soon ....

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Aparajita 23.11.2020, 21:46:44

KKhushi Makhija, I'm sorry.
I Couldn't.
But dont worry I will update a chapter very soon..
So sorry

Nadia Maidin 20.11.2020, 01:41:53

Hi.. No updates???

Bhola h Kerketa 17.11.2020, 19:24:25

am i a gone case if i recognise park seo joon from his back in the cover pic, i am head over heels for him

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Bhola h Kerketa 18.11.2020, 04:18:34

Aparajita, ????

Tania Gomez 16.11.2020, 16:05:11

I have been with ur ex husband Josh for 15 years. Come to find out he doesnt work and is with u during the day and with me at night. we have a 13 year old son and now pregnant with his 2nd. Terrible person

Rosita Carvajal 16.11.2020, 03:20:28

i think they are starting a good friendship..

Nahid Sheikh 15.11.2020, 02:48:38

finally they become friends.... story is really getting interesting...just one advice please use English translation with Urdu/Hindi words so it would be understand by everyone...for example with words vai (brother) and assalamualaikum (May peace be upon you).....and one more thing I want to add plz don't generalize inter faith marriage like zafrine's elder sister zara and manas marriage.

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Aparajita 15.11.2020, 15:13:51

Nahid Sheikh, No he is Muslim too. I didnt get details on those characters so you misunderstood..

Nahid Sheikh 14.11.2020, 22:26:04

sorry to say dear but I personally do not like how main female lead character zafrine dressed for u r showing muslim culture in your book then the dressing should be modest...please do not consider it as a negative comment and don't bash on me...I just feel it otherwise I really like the concept...and sorry for any grammar mistake as English is not my first language....and all the best for your book.

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Nahid Sheikh 14.11.2020, 22:32:48

Nahid Sheikh, thank god... u have not taken this in a negative way... Love

Sofia Godwin 13.11.2020, 12:28:47

Yes I love the story pls update everyday

Sanskruti Bhise 12.11.2020, 11:27:48

I really like it ...The story concept is totally different

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Aparajita 12.11.2020, 20:54:57

Sanskruti Bhise, It's my first time publishing my book. I was so afraid it wont be that much good. Thank you so much for the comment. It take my confidence in another level

Sanskruti Bhise 12.11.2020, 11:27:07

Waiting for next part

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