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The Blind Billionaire And His Lover 2

Kehinde Jayeoba

Series: The blind billionaire and his lover

Story about:trust and doubts

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#620 in Romance
#347 in Billionaires

Ongoing: 12 Apr 17 pages

Publication: 03.04.2021 — ...

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Description of book "The Blind Billionaire And His Lover 2"

After Vienna and Alan manage to get together despite everything and also manage to get rid of Karen, another guy appeared who is very similar to Alan's younger self and became friends with her. Although Vienna thinks that it's just a mere coincidence but Alan thinks otherwise and even start to suspect that he is Karen with another identity.
"To understand the story better read the first part"
Note: it's unedited

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Sia bhardwaj 04.04.2021, 07:37:57

I was eagerly waiting for this book. Loved the updates and I am Very excited to read it further.

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Kehinde Jayeoba 04.04.2021, 15:07:17

Sia bhardwaj, Thank so much and please help me tell others about it it will really motivate me to update more

Sia bhardwaj 04.04.2021, 07:43:44

Plz don't make it a paid one. It's humble request. You can apply paid subscription the moment you complete this book. This is just my wish and request. But you can do what you want as I understand that you would want your hard work to be paid off.

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