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Book. "The Don's Love & downfall..." read online

The Don's Love & downfall...

Marjory Bloom

Series: The Mafia series

Story about:innocent girl, age gab, romantic mafia king

Age restriction: 18+

323 18421

#436 in Romantic erotica
#391 in Romantic suspense

Complete 99 pages

Publication: 20.08.2022 — 29.09.2022

Description of book "The Don's Love & downfall..."

I'm Julia, just 18 years old and don't know to much about the world.
I'm brought up secluded and protected from everithing bad and than when I'm about to start my life outside that protection, from my parents, i met HIM....the DON....and everithing that i know of in my short life changes.....
Because now the DON has sets his eyes on my virgin ones with no intention of letting me go!!


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Ad MK Shafali
22.12.2022, 04:46:20

wonderful, amazing book author,loved every bit of it

Marjory Bloom
22.12.2022, 04:42:30

Ad MK Shafali, thank you my dear!

Eniko Stripling
06.10.2022, 19:25:03

I like the story so far but I would like longer chapters

Pretty Chikunga
29.09.2022, 01:53:57

I'm not sure if I'm the only one that didn't like the ending of this book and no I don't mean to make you feel bad but this book was about Massimo and Julia so how does mikal come some chapters before the end of the book and boom he takes over from massiom it was suppose to be Massimo and Julia's book like yoh... this is not a hate comment but a reader not pleased with the ending

Pretty Chikunga
02.10.2022, 10:28:33

Little Writter Marjolein, alright sure

Longan Cho
28.09.2022, 02:30:54

This is a very lovely story, I loved it so much and will read over and over again and I’m saving it in my library, unless you have made hard copies to sell.

Marjory Bloom
28.09.2022, 06:09:30

Longan Cho, wow thank you so much for you love and kind words and i sorry to say i don't have a hard copy!
i want to try in future to start selling here but it's hard for beginner writer to met there reqirements so enjoy all my books here! and do follow me please for new

Osuagwu miracle Chidinma
26.09.2022, 11:28:46

awesome u are doing grt author thanks a lot I just ready all you books and I love it..

Marjory Bloom
26.09.2022, 13:55:09

Osuagwu miracle Chidinma, well thank you dear, I'm trying, but it's not easy to please everyone! this book is going to its end in a couple of chapters but I'm happy you like it so far!! please do follow me for Athene new future books that I'm going to write !:)
your support means a lot!

Jyothi Chinnabathuni
22.09.2022, 14:16:41

why can't I see the contents... only prologue part I can see

Marjory Bloom
22.09.2022, 15:02:22

Jyothi Chinnabathuni, Hi dear reader,
as i wrote at the end of the proloque i am making changes in the book so i put for now the book offline and as soon as i am done i will upload it back online!, sorry for the inconvenience!!
i also explaned more in recent posts that i did

mousumi bhowmick
19.09.2022, 15:49:52

I love this story. Thanks for writing such romantic story. I always like happy ending like this. Keep it up author.

Marjory Bloom
19.09.2022, 16:33:01

mousumi bhowmick, thank you so much!! it means a lot youre kind words!!
please follow me for all my other stories

Stella Okoeguale
10.09.2022, 16:51:59


Marjory Bloom
10.09.2022, 17:02:45

Stella Okoeguale, thank you dear!!
please follow me for more interesting stories!!

Jessica Arrington
08.09.2022, 19:39:05

She isn't supposed to like dark skin? Is that a bad thing in this story?

Marjory Bloom
08.09.2022, 20:36:44

Jessica Arrington, if it's the part at the bottom of chapter 1, than i want to tell you that i just changed that part!!
thank for bringing it under my attention and again sorry!!

Tamanna Sharma
06.09.2022, 18:56:34

short cute nd awsm..

Marjory Bloom
06.09.2022, 19:07:59

Tamanna Sharma, thank you ! and hopefully it wasn't too short for your liking?
o don't write to lonn and find it hard to do so but many one day ;)

Tamanna Sharma
06.09.2022, 08:25:02

thnkuu for so manu chapters..last one is really beautiful

Marjory Bloom
06.09.2022, 08:37:07

Tamanna Sharma, your welcome!!
i had some extra time and was in the mood of writing so.....
aniways the story will end soon, just a vieuw more stay tuned!

Marjory Bloom
05.09.2022, 16:33:17

hahahha good one!!
well let's wait and see;0)
hope you enjoyed it so far?

05.09.2022, 15:54:49

Don't Massimo first love was Julia's mother

Tamanna Sharma
05.09.2022, 11:10:41


Marjory Bloom
05.09.2022, 11:35:36

Tamanna Sharma, thanks dear, happy you like it so far:)

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