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Publication: 13.05.2021 — 14.05.2021

Description of book "The Gift of Singleness"

Let me know what you think, but I am of the belief that every single one of us seeks to find true love. And yes, I would also like to believe that we all understand what love is. But do we, really? Sometimes I question myself.
A concept as old as time. But one’s understanding of love would depend on one’s perception and experiences.
Have you met someone who adamantly believes it’s a scam? Who would hold their heart close to them so as not to allow anyone to break it?
Have you met a hopeless romantic? Despite being hurt countless times, they still get into another relationship thinking it’s finally going to be the one?
I admire all the people who were able to find their other half.
I guess everyone has a match. Or do we?


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