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Publication: 24.05.2019 — 21.09.2020

Description of book "The Manifest"

Years after a mysterious plane crash, a woman feared dead is spotted at an anti-war rally. A private investigator named Edgar Willis is hired onto the case, however, he must abandon his virtues after learning of the real destiny of the airplane. As Edgar realizes a conspiracy in the crash, life and the world as he knows it takes an unexpected turn.


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Angel Lederhouse
17.01.2020, 12:22:23

hate Thai food too

Anthony Sterling
16.01.2020, 19:26:31

great job

Jeffrey Nighty
15.01.2020, 00:45:30

the story was published in May and isn't finished yet

PJ Lowry
15.01.2020, 08:34:49

Jeffrey Nighty, If you really like this novel and want to skip ahead, go to Smashwords and pay $2 for it. If not, then you don't get to complain about how fast or slow I post my chapters. This novel has been finished for years, so how quickly you get to read it depends on you.

Celeste I.
26.09.2019, 03:24:02

Oh man, I wasn't sure how you'd write a story about something like this, a seemingly touchy-ish subject. But, I think you've pulled it off so far! The mystery and intrigue get more exciting and gripping later on, and I love the direction it's going too so far.

All the characters have a story to tell and have motivations for doing what they're doing, even if it's not for the best intentions, including the antagonists. I love the dynamics between Edgar, Tuck, and Jessica so far, their characteristics and interactions are solid.

I'm stoked as to where the story goes from there and hope the mystery and story pay off in a big way! Keep up the great work~

PJ Lowry
27.09.2019, 01:40:45

Celeste I., I thank you for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated.

If you'd like to skip ahead, I should tell you that The Manifest is available on Smashwords for a very reasonable price, only $2.

Dee Peric
08.10.2019, 00:35:48

love the characters

Troy Charlton
23.08.2019, 20:56:22

what is the list on the cover?

Troy Charlton
24.08.2019, 20:00:02

PJ Lowry, yep.

Mike Two
07.08.2019, 11:15:59

You write very good, like a real professional, I'm surprised there are few comments

PJ Lowry
22.08.2019, 23:55:56

Mike Two, Some comments are better than none. Thank you for your kind words!

Douglass Millsap
15.07.2019, 15:46:53

must be a lot of money

Peter Andrews
03.06.2019, 15:54:14

I´m in suspense