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Book. "Theory of Subordination from Richard Bennett" read online

Theory of Subordination from Richard Bennett

Anna Shtogrina

Story about:millonaire boss secretary, love and sex, bdsm romance

Age restriction: 18+

55 1507

#65 in BDSM
#36 in Erotic Supernatural

On Hold: 09 Sep 34 pages

Publication: 14.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "Theory of Subordination from Richard Bennett"

Richard Bennet... One had only to see this legendary man once to understand that there was an abyss between us. And at its bottom are sharp spears of passion, the raging fire of vice, the tenacious shackles of its power. He just looked in my direction with a cold, haughty look, and I read my future like in quick credits. Too handsome, rich, depraved. Perfect! Richard Bennet sent to my death... #sex with bdsm games#gallant submission#NO swearing and coercion* Daring and obstinate Diana herself will crawl to Bennett's feet as soon as she goes through all the circles of his game of submission! Unexpected plot twist. The hottest location is an island in the Pacific Ocean!


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Shikha Nagpal
28.09.2022, 12:12:35

please update dear...

Shikha Nagpal
09.09.2022, 11:24:16

wow.. Nice update.
please Author update regularly...

Anna Shtogrina
11.09.2022, 00:31:33

Shikha Nagpal, Thank you

Marjory Bloom
29.08.2022, 12:14:19

is the full book not readable on booknet?

Shikha Nagpal
24.08.2022, 08:08:33

waiting for next. please update daily ..

Shikha Nagpal
03.08.2022, 21:02:13

love to read this story. please update regularly.

Anna Shtogrina
24.08.2022, 01:30:42

Shikha Nagpal, Ок

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