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Too Late


Story about:mental health, abusivehusband, torture

Age restriction: 18+

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Publication: 04.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "Too Late"

She could hear his footsteps coming closer. Pressing her trembling hands to her mouth she even tried not to breath. Her bruises were throbbing with pain and chest was heaving. She could smell her burnt skin telling her that it was deep this time. She knew it wont take him long until he finally locates her in his wardrobe.
Oh, Lord, Please, help me out.She cried in her brain as hot tears slide down her cheek.
All of the sudden, the room was echoing with his favorite music. She banged her head on the wall ahead on her helplessness. That creepy violin was at the max. She knew the reason too well. He had found her.
Rishika just sit there waiting for her blow. She tried to numb herself. Like every other time she tried to tell herself that this is not happening to her but the moment she heard.


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Shuma Farzana
28.07.2021, 17:04:32

I am looking for the chapter 15 and unfortunately sofanovel has no access to my country and am unable to read :(

Niki Naila
14.12.2020, 00:02:00

tea cup am think u write just shadow .but i definately read morning this story . good night.

14.12.2020, 10:40:42

Niki Naila, Thanks for the follow-up

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