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Book. "Twice the Howl" read online
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Publication: 17.08.2022 — 30.09.2022

Description of book "Twice the Howl"

Sequel to Howl - Riley's life took an unexpected turn after Derek, now an alpha, bit her to save her from dying. Neither of them knew what she was turning into, and that might prove to be a problem when a new hunter arrived in Beacon Hills, determined to kill every supernatural being to avenge his daughter.

And as karma would have it, their problems doubled when an ominous creature began terrorizing the town and killing people. As if two threats weren't enough, now Riley also had to deal with Derek's new alpha-ego and a mysterious figure that stalked her wherever she went.

It's a battle of avoiding hunters, fighting a monstrous creature, discovering the identity of the mystery person, and figuring out what she is, all while she also had to save her and Derek's relationship.


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Michelle Blanchette
29.09.2022, 15:13:59

is it just me, but this book is so much like the show teenage wolf on Netflix. I loved that show. mes and all.

Lisa Muller
29.09.2022, 18:07:00

Michelle Blanchette, It is a Teen Wolf fanfiction yes ;)

Madukaife Chidiogo
29.08.2022, 12:56:33

so Riley has really broken up with Derek and I love her new looks waiting for next update thanks

Madukaife Chidiogo
24.08.2022, 11:31:57

thanks for the update wondering what will happen next thanks author

Madukaife Chidiogo
17.08.2022, 17:31:12

so glad that u are back already loving it

Lisa Muller
17.08.2022, 17:54:33

Madukaife Chidiogo, Thank you so much! Next update will be Friday ;)

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