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Description of book "Twist Of Destiny"

An extremely beautiful heiress of Jahan enterprise, dream girl of every boy while girls envy her. She is the spoiled princess of her family. She doesn't believe in love and relationships after the terrible past of her mother. She loves her mother from the bottom of her heart while hates her father from the bottom of her soul.

A ruthless yet the most handsome creation of god who got looks for which girls die for. Arrogant and cruel to the world but caring and loving towards his family. Maybe he is hard and tough to chase but deep inside, he is broken - really badly. He can have anything or anyone with the looks and money he got but he only wants a certain something or should I say a certain someone.

can love cure hatred?..........


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Harshi Malik
21.06.2021, 18:00:18

When will be the next update?

Harshi Malik
21.06.2021, 11:43:57

Waiting for next update.

Harshi Malik
21.06.2021, 12:28:58

Twinkling stars, Woww......I'm excited:)

ShirishSrinivas Velugala
20.06.2021, 13:29:55

nice story and waiting for more updates plz update new chapters

Twinkling stars
20.06.2021, 10:41:17

Thank you and yeah......will try to make quick updates.

Nahid Sheikh
20.06.2021, 03:10:58

Poor Mahi..eagerly waiting for Mahi's meeting with her paternal family specially with sanam nd her father...plz dear it's a request, update lil faster :)

Twinkling stars
20.06.2021, 04:20:54


Gurbans Singh
16.06.2021, 06:07:39

the book is awesome... please upload more chapters...

Twinkling stars
17.06.2021, 15:47:29


Rumesa Faheem
16.06.2021, 03:21:33

I've ready so many books but I've not read such an amazing book which holds me till the end. When are you updating the next chapter??? I'm dying to know the interaction between MAHI and All the Family Members especially her father, zain and sanam. Please update the next chapter soon

Rumesa Faheem
16.06.2021, 10:02:27

Twinkling stars, Finger crossed!! I'm waiting

Tanya Gupta
15.06.2021, 20:01:36

please update more chapters please....

Tanya Gupta
16.06.2021, 06:15:15

Twinkling stars, thanks ...

Nahid Sheikh
15.06.2021, 02:07:05

Ohhhh My God girl I saw ur bio, nd I can't believe u r still a high school student...ur writing nd formation of sentences r perfect nd describing scenes too(very much impressed)... keep up d good work girl..well I hv some queries, Mahi's cousins Piyush nd Tanha nd their parents r muslim or non muslim?? am lil confused coz of their name nd surname nd one more thing, in first pic of Mahi, u showed her wearing short skirt which shows her Legs, I mean, her character is that bold nd she doesn't follow religion or u just took a random pic (sorry for my curious mind)..I hope u won't mind...well I really like d concept, looking forward for more :)

Nahid Sheikh
15.06.2021, 12:17:55

Twinkling stars, thanks for reply dear... looking forward for more exciting chps :)

12.06.2021, 21:03:44

plz don't put this book in cost a humble request and update fast I am forward to look at it plzzzz

Twinkling stars
13.06.2021, 03:24:04

madiha, Ok,.......request granted and can expect an update today.

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