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On Hold: 28 Aug 96 pages

Publication: 04.07.2019 — ...

Description of book "Van Mystiq"

A highly intelligent serial killer has a terrifying plan. Some capable survivors of his victims are gathered together by a enigmatic figure in order to stop him. While tracking down the killer they stumble upon a murder, a monster and a mystery.


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Celeste I.
08.08.2019, 09:12:13

Well, what an intriguing premise! I wasn't sure where you'd go with this at first, what with focusing on one character story at a time (like Black Cat, from what I heard). But I know you're building up and developing their backstories, all building up to when they finally meet and investigate together. The mystery team-up is interesting as the main characters seem to have good camaraderie (it reminds me of the first Now You See Me movies in a way, which is not a bad thing, I liked that movie, one of the reasons was because of the character dynamics).

What I'm not sure is, why is Twitch's personality now reduced to obsessing over food? He wasn't like that before he met the rest of the team. Also, I'm not sure about the subplot with Mike and Jay and what significance it's got on the rest of the plot. I get behind the other subplots, although, the latest chapter, might indicate that the Mike and Jay subplot will finally come into play.

I like the story so far, hopefully, this mystery concludes in a satisfying way, as well as the character arcs coming into full play and coming to a satisfying end. Keep up the excellent work~

Celeste I.
09.08.2019, 06:59:05

lupafras, Hello again

That's nice to hear then~

Ah, so I was the first to make the observation then? Interesting, guess I was paying a little too much attention to it when I shouldn't have :P
But still, thanks for sharing your thoughts behind that~

Well, I guess that's true, give it a bit of mystery and intrigue on what could be going on in their heads, what caused them to take down individual paths before the story began, etc. Leave it to the reader's imagination, and I like it~

No problem by the way~


Anthony Sterling
12.07.2019, 23:48:51

congrats for the story

13.07.2019, 06:02:45

Anthony Sterling, Thank you.

Helen Nice
11.07.2019, 23:50:58

update pls

12.07.2019, 01:00:24

Helen Nice, I added chapter 15 today. I am trying to get a chapter out every few days. With time constraints and the scope of the series (I am working on book 2 and 3 as well) I me be delayed from time to time. Thank you.

Peter Bishop
10.07.2019, 20:28:26

what's the problem with the dog?

11.07.2019, 04:56:10

Peter Bishop, Please describe the problem you see.

08.07.2019, 21:09:29

so much pain when someone loses his loved ones

09.07.2019, 03:31:51

Drew, Yes. It can destroy or inspire.

Peter Bishop
06.07.2019, 18:11:36

continue this story I want to find out what will happen next

07.07.2019, 07:39:38

Peter Bishop, OK.

Clayton Terrel
05.07.2019, 14:07:00

not bad

06.07.2019, 03:05:21

Clayton Terrel, Thank you

05.07.2019, 00:18:08

Thank you

Roza Csergo
04.07.2019, 23:19:49

Very picturesque image of the lake and then...boom.
I like it. Hope you update soon.
I added your story to my library and followed you.

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