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Book. "Yours Forever" read online

Yours Forever

Mari AA

Series: Forever

Story about:vampires, werewolves, fated love

190 5111

#6 in Urban fantasy
#25 in Supernaturals

Complete 123 pages

Publication: 04.11.2021 — 19.11.2021

Description of book "Yours Forever"

Ann Willow, a human teenager's world gets turned upside down when new students enter her class one day. Ann soon finds out that she is connected to a Supernatural world in more than one way, from Werewolves, Vampires, Hybrids, and everything in between. What will become of Ann when she finds herself in love with the beings of the Supernatural world?


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Malorie Magginnis
29.11.2021, 18:05:20

Yes a part two would be very much appreciated!!!!! Great story btw

Mari AA
29.11.2021, 23:49:05

Malorie Magginnis, Hi. Click on my pen name and it will show all my stories. Part two is called Forever Yours.

Esther Ivory
12.11.2021, 16:08:28

and I also want to know if Wynn and Jessica will break there mate bond and see which vampire will have Ann

Esther Ivory
12.11.2021, 20:58:18

Mari AA, ok

Esther Ivory
12.11.2021, 16:06:34

pls can you write part 2 of this book because I want to know why many vampires likes Ann's blood and they seem to like her too

Mari AA
12.11.2021, 17:22:46

Esther Ivory, ok

Mari AA
04.11.2021, 09:57:00

Looking forward to some comments

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