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Moving in (Max)

Not so long ago, my best friend Vania and I graduated from high school and entered uni. Without hesitation, we decided to rent a small apartment next to the Uniper. I found a small rented two-room apartment. It was rented by an elderly woman. On the site, I saw her phone number and immediately decided to call. When I called her on the phone, she was very sociable. Finding out why I want to rent an apartment, she immediately offered to reduce the price. After a 30-minute conversation, we finally agreed to rent an apartment for 11 thousand rubles a month.

We arrived at the beginning of the school year. When we checked into the apartment, we noticed that in front of our apartment there was another one, but very old and covered with beams.

We decided to ask about this door from my grandmother, who rented us an apartment.

— Oh, I don't advise you to approach it. The old lady sighed.

— Why? I asked.

She shook her head and invited me to sit down at the table. With old, shaking hands, she poured us tea.

“ It was 40 years ago, an ordinary drunkard lived in this apartment. He was unemployed and therefore borrowed money from his neighbors, but over time he began to be refused. Once he called my father, his best friend, for a drink, my father immediately agreed because he also liked to drink. When Dad left for him, he didn't return home the evening or the next day. My mom and I started to get very worried. And we decided to go and find out what had happened to them. Surprisingly, his door was unlocked. When we went to his apartment and went through all the rooms (except the kitchen) we didn't see anyone. When we walked into the kitchen from a lot of shock, my mom and I couldn't move. That man's entire kitchen was covered in blood, and there was a bloody axe on the table. I fainted from what I saw. It turned out that that drunk killed my father to sell on the black market and buy alcohol. Police immediately found him, but he was already lying dead in the alley. Since that time, no matter who settled in that apartment, everyone went crazy. We even invited my father to consecrate her. But that didn't help. Soon, we decided to close this apartment away from sin.”

— What nonsense?! I thought.

— It's a very interesting story, but Maxim and I don't really believe in paranormal activity. Vania said.

— Believe it or not, don't go there. Grandma warned us.

She gave us the keys and disappeared behind the front door. We looked at each other and continued to sort things out.

Frederik Hinez

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Story about: horror, curse, abadoned apartment

Edited: 16.04.2022

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