His Revenge......


Asher West's POV:
There she was. The girl who was the key to my plan of revenge. Riya Walter , daughter of Mr. Richard Walter. She was the only thing left for him in this world. I will make sure to take it away from him. No , ofcourse I won't kill her. If I kill her so easily then he won't understand the pain, the depth of it my family had to go through . She will have to face the worst of me. I investigated alot about her. Though it says she is kind, I don't trust one bit of it. After all a monster's blood runs through her.

I came to this charity event to just see the person's daughter who made my life a living hell. Soon her life will be converted to one too.

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Story about: pain, past life, love romance

Edited: 26.06.2022

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