It Was Her


They were their everything. 
They did their everything. 
They sacrificed their everything. 
They gave up their everything.

They thought they are filled with void, ready to replenish with something new they found in each other.

They thought they could move on. 
They thought they could find one. 
They thought everything was done.

They thought they are bare until they found out they are clothed with their past.

Past they never thought they will accost again. Past they can't unclad on their own. The past that demands each others presence to strip out from.

Will they help each other to step out of their foregone? 
Will they help each other to fabricate back to their self? 
Will they let each other back into their life?

Will they love again or will their past again cease them?


Tenaya llora

Edited: 01.03.2021

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