On The Ledge


"Give me your hand!" he heard Brad say behind him but he didn't pay attention to him. The view from the skyscraper's rooftop looked terrifying but welcoming to him. If he jumped, there would be no turning back. He would finally put an end to all of the suffering. His brain was telling him to jump but in the background there was Brad telling him to hold on, that he didn't have to do this. But Sam didn't care about that. He just wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. His family wouldn't miss him anyway since they already chose to disown him. And as for Brad... well, he'd just have to learn to live without him. He wondered how come Brad was even up here discouraging him to end his pathetic life when he should have been doing the exact opposite after all the bad things Sam did to him. Brad was the real victim here, but somehow he was not the one standing on the ledge. Sam was. 

"Sam, you don't have to do this. Everything will be just alright if you take my hand." Brad extended his hand to him and for a moment Sam contemplated accepting the offer back to life. But if he didn't go through with what he had in mind and did as Brad said, he'd be returning back to the life he hated. Right now death seemed much better than the hell he lived.

"Go away, Brad!" he sobbed. "Don't get closer or I swear I'll jump."

"Sam..." Brad pleaded with him. Sam took a look at the bottom again, at the onrushing traffic below, people gathering, pointing at him and shouting things at him. His feet were getting restless, his hands getting sweatier. His brain started the countdown. 3, 2, 1...



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