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 “Hello” I say but he just gives me a long hard look and turns away before he actually stands up and literally walks out on MEEE? When was the last time I made an effort to make a conversation with someone NEVER who the hell does he think he is. Ok so what he,s handsome and tall like really tall , he towers over me before he leaves .Most likely daring me to protest but I remain silent. This is how the first person I speak to literally responds. How dear he while he was the one lurking around my tent. He looks about Rosie’s age but he could be younger its hard to tell with that frown on his face .

I’ve stayed in my tent all day feigning a headache as I did not want to make any conversation with my dad …well at least not for now. I still remember those cool dark brown eyes looking at me as if they were sizing me up. Well whoever he was , I will find him and give him a long hard stare of my own.

I found out the boy's name is Jabali , i refrain from using it as i like how it rolls off my tongue.I dislike him immensely as he i highly suspect that he orchestrates some of the pranks that I've faced worse of all nobody believes me so I decide to mostly stay indoors when am not going on game drives. Officially the worst summer ever .


“This is not what I meant by saying I want an adventurous summer and you know it Rosie . I cant imagine that you actually suggested this. The sun alone will be enough to scorch the life out me , the sunburns will leave me unrecognizable , you officially screwed me over” I shout to Rosie my older sister.

“ Oh come on , stop being such a drama queen you’ll be just fine and besides when was the last time you saw dad.” she counters.

How on earth mum allowed all 3 of us to go to Africa for the entire summer is still a mystery to me. It had been five years since I last saw dad, the amount of time since his official split with mum and 2 years since we had an actual 2 minutes straight conversation.

Don’t get me wrong its not as if im some soppy divorced parents depressed kid , I’m a bloody heiress .Yep that’s right my parents are actual multimillionaires. So I get the best of everything and pardon me if I say I a little too much but I can’t help it because you know what I’m AWESOME , BEAUTIFUL and Amazing in every single way.

My dads money is old money he used a huge chunk of his inheritance to invest in safari hotels and lodges in Africa and owns quite a significant number of them while mommy invested in stock in technologically advancing companies in the 90s. So while others save for up to a year or to go Africa I only have to say the word and I’ll be on the next flight.

Mom says goodbye to Nath first , he’s always been her darling boy but whatever .She rides with us to the airport but I remain silent the entire way” honey it won’t be that bad and besides its an adventure make a list the ones you used and cheer up.”that’s the last thing she says before I kiss her and turn away and that’s the last I expect to hear of her in 3 months .

Ashley Masai

Edited: 17.01.2021

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