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“Aria?” Ashley laid a hand on her shoulder, making her jump.

Aria looked around, realizing she had dozed off and class was over. She gathered up her things, quickly, feeling her cheeks flush.

“You alright?” Ashley asked, “I know math isn’t thrilling, but still…”

“I just didn’t sleep well.” She followed the president out the door, willing her face not to be so red. “I’ve just had a lot on my mind.”

“Boy trouble, again?”

Aria considered that. “Not exactly. It’s complicated.”

“It always is with you,” Ashley noted, “Well, you should definitely come to the Christmas party at my house on Friday. It might help to get your mind off things.”

“Maybe,” Aria agreed, although, she didn’t feel confident. She knew she wouldn’t be likely to relax until she found the necklace. She did her best to listen as Ashley gave her details about the party on their way to lunch. She smiled and carried on a conversation as they ate with Megan.

Aria thought about how much she liked these girls. They were good friends and she had fun with them. If she were forced to remain a human, she might be okay with that as long as she still had her friends.

“So are you going to see your dad for Christmas?” Megan asked.

Aria frowned at that. “Probably not.”

“Do you two not get along?”

Aria shrugged, choosing her words carefully. “Well, it’s not like we hate each other or anything. We’ve just never been close. He has his wife and kids, and I have my life here.”

“So he got a new family?” Ashley gave her a sympathetic look. “That sucks.”

“You make it sound so dramatic,” Aria told her, “It’s really not that big of a deal. He visits once in a while and we keep in touch. We just have separate lives.”

“You’re really fine with that?” Megan wondered.

Aria shrugged. “I have plenty of company with Freya, after all.”

“You know, we never hang out with her,” Megan commented, “You should bring her to the party, too.”

Ashley nodded her agreement. “She sounds like a fun person to have around. She’s definitely be welcome.”

does enjoy a good party. What day is it?”


She collected the information and told Freya about it that night. However, the nymph had some reservations when she heard the date.

“You realize that’s the night of the full moon, right?” she asked.

Aria frowned, having failed to realize that. “I guess I didn’t notice…”

“You should still go,” Freya told her, “After all, you can’t very well turn into a mermaid or even hang around at the full moon party without putting yourself at risk.”

“But it’s a chance for me to talk to the others and see if anyone knows anything,” Aria pointed out, “I can’t pass that up when we’re having so much trouble getting clues.”

“But I can’t promise to keep you safe, if you go.”

“I never asked you to keep me safe.”

“You didn’t have to ask,” Freya retorted, “I am your friend and that’s what we do. If you want to get yourself killed, I have to be the one to stop you.”

“You’re always so dramatic.” Aria gave her what she hoped was a teasing smile. “I won’t do anything stupid and, if I see any guards, I’ll avoid them. I can run pretty fast.”

“Not that fast.”

“I’ll be fine,” Aria promised, “What if I just go there for an hour and ask some questions, then we head over to Ashley’s party. Would that work?”

The nymph frowned, but she could see that Aria was determined and this might be the only chance she had of stopping her from doing anything too crazy. “Fine, but just for an hour and you stay with me the whole time.”



The night of the full moon found Eric working at the aquarium, diligently taking notes on various fish behaviors for Dr. Grey. He didn’t really understand why the doctor kept focusing on these menial things, but he knew there was no point in questioning him. Dr. Grey probably wouldn’t be able to explain it in a way that made sense, anyway.

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