His Beauty Queen

Sparks in Office

New York

Next morning everybody had woken up from their crazy night having super crazy hangover.Eva had prepared everybody hangover soup for which everyone was thankful.After having their breakfast boys went to their respective home and girls to their rooms.Eva was getting ready for her interview.After giving her besties goodbye kiss she went to her destination ' The star'. But little did she know GOD had prepared a beautiful surprise for her.After entering the company,she was welcomed by warm greetings from Receptionist.After asking the way to interview she was now waiting for her turn.

On her interview She had showed them her few previous designs which were liked by her interviewers.She was being told to wait for their response.So after interview She made her way to home because she still haven't unpacked her whole luggage.

Here after learning that Eva had also applied for Job,Daniel was super happy.But he didn't want to discriminate between his new candidate.So he had left this decision on HR department because all employees were hired by them and by his father's decision.

Next day,Eva was happy because she had been notified that She was hired.She was now shopping some office attires with Nicky.Tomorrow will be her first day at her dream job.

Because of nervousness and excitement she had sleepless night. But now in the morning Eva was super excited she had worn Denim plazo pant and white top.After having breakfast she was now in her company for her job. Her superior of designer department had told Annie to show Eva company and also  her desk.After getting tour of company she was now on her desk doing work which was given by her Head designer ( Sally).Sally was sweet lady in her mid thirty.Annie who was her assistant  had somewhat became her friend.

After some time they were being told that their BOSS will be on round.Eva was lost in her designs when she heard sound of throat clearing.Here she sees world's most beautiful man- Daniel.He was looking smart in his business attire.Eva felt butterflies in her stomach which was definitely strange and new for her.She greeted him in confidence without showing that she knows her boss.

Daniel had got that Eva doesn't want her colleagues to know that she knows him.He somewhat liked it that she doesn't want to take advantage of this.He smiled at her which she delightfully returned him.Daniel had noticed her flushed pink cheeks which he liked.

It was now 9 PM mostly all her colleagues were left.Eva doesn't wanted to slack in her work so she had finished her work which was assigned to her.Their department was on 10th floor for which she was thankful because this company had total 30 floor.She was now totally ok with that because she had developed habit of having using stairs because for unknown fact she had Claustrophobia.

When Daniel noticed that Eva was coming from Stairs section,he was confused.But after seeing his reaction Eva had told him she was just using stairs as her exercise.To which Daniel had not given  any thought.

After bidding Goodbye , they both were on their way to home.Daniel had offered her ride to home to which she had politely declined.She doesn't want to  being noticed.

Eva was happy of her new job.She also had some strange feelings for Daniel to which she didn't gave any other thought.







His Beauty Queen

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