Chapter 13


Phone rings and i came back from my beautiful dream to my real life, rubbing my stubborn  eyes to open up and look who the hell is this. 
"Who the hell is this?? " I picked up the call without looking. 
" So!! You were sleeping, sleeping beauty!! " Ugghhh!!! This voice I know her. 
" Opps!! Sorry boss , I didn't see that it's you." If I had know I will curse you more. 
" I called you to remind you, that if I didn't get your one chapter tomorrow morning sharp 9 , you will be fired. " She yelled. 
" Boss!! I..." She cut the call without listening to me. 
This is high time.. You have to do something. 
I know. I ruffle my hair in frustration
Good morning by the way.. 
Ohh!! Just don't get started. 
I get up and went to washroom for doing my daily routine.I looked up in the mirror and spot the naked figure. Woah!! Woah!! The events of last wild night came in front of my eyes. What the hell I have done!!! It was supposed to be one night stand not two. How did I ended up on bed with him again. 
My life is mess. I hooked up with my neighbor back to back two nights. And now I want a story too. How will I write anything when my mind is already occupied with all this. I should have said no..

I told ya, but you didn't listen.. 

Not now.. I'm not in mood to listen you. I came back to my room after freshening up and scan my whole room and I found a shirt hanging there with a note. 

Good morning  Teddy bear!! 
I just got some work so I have to leave and this shirt is for you..if in case you miss me.. Wink wink... 

Smile made it's way on my lips as I read his note. I was not able resist me  , I took his shirt and snuff it. It smell like him. 

Girl!! I'm telling you!! You will get us in deep shit. And if you don't remember what happen with dad . 

Oh please!! Don't start this, I know I should stay away from him. It will be better for both of us. 

Yes!! You should. 

Fine!! I will do everything right today evening. I take my phone and text him . 

Emersyn :- I have something to talk to you, just came home when you will be free. 

It took my sometime to have breakfast and clean my messed up brain who continuously keep reminding him. Keeping all the things aside. I came to the topic which most important now. I have to submit my chapter by tomorrow and from where I'm seeing I will on road by tomorrow afternoon if I didn't write anything. Words of Grace and Ayden coming to my ears as I close my eyes that I should write my own story, my own experience. And then there come an idea. I took my laptop and start typing my mind blowing and only idea I got so far. I changed the characters and little bit in story line and write about what happened when me and Ayden meet first and how do we meet , I also make him rich spoiled brat which I guess he is not because I didn't get that kind of vibes from him. I also changed me into a heart broken girl. It's good, over all good chapter not so much crap and not so much fantastic. But surely will save me from getting fired. I spent the whole day on the chapter, adding some details and changing plot from some places. Also the story looks like  fairytale romance at starting but do I have any other way , I guess no. 



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