Under the Rain

Chapter Six

"Bo! Bo... I think I'm going to......"

"Ew! Ruby really on the floor!" I yell as Ruby throws up on my floor. She's crazy if she thinks I'm cleaning this mess up. "I'm sorry Bo. Oh, here it comes again!" She yells running into the bathroom. "Ew!" I say in disgust.

"See this is why you shouldn't party!" I yell at her as I cover my nose, gosh my room smells like alcohol and throw up.

"What is up with all this noise? Oh my god, what died in here?" My father asks covering his nose. "Her brain cells." I point to Ruby. "Sophia what have I told you about getting drunk! I need to have that speech with you again huh?" My father asks.

"No! See I'm better! Oh my god, it won't stop!" Ruby yells as she throws up again. "Well, I will see you downstairs Sophia." My father says walking out of my room. "No!" Ruby yells and she throws up again.

"Do you need anything?" I ask her. "Yes, some dark black coffee and a water stat!" She yells and I run downstairs and I get her the coffee and water and I give it to her with some Advil's and I walk away because I can not stand the smell of my room and I live in there! Ugh!

I walk outside and I take in the smell of fresh air and I look around. "Hey, Bo." I hear and I turn to Damon and I roll my eyes. "Get lost!" I yell at him.

"Oh, what did I do now?" He asks like he doesn't remember what he did. "Oh I don't know maybe try to make out with my drunk friend and then you have the nerve to kiss me!" I yell at him and a smile cracks on his face.

"What's so funny?" I ask him furiously. "Because it's cute how jealous you're getting." He smirks. "Yea no I'm not jealous! I'm just sick and tired of you boys being such....such...." I say getting frustrated. "Manwhore? Bitches? Idiots?" He asks getting closer to me, when did he even come in my yard?

"Yes exactly!" I yell jumping. "Which one?" He asks smirking at me. "All of them! And why are you here on my property?" I ask sternly. "Because I wanted to say sorry for last night." He chuckles.

"Well, I don't accept your apology now get out of here!" I say pointing to the fence door. "No first accept my apology." He grabs my hand but I pull away. "Will you stop touching me! I mean why do you always have to get so near me? I don't like you get away from me gosh!" I say pushing him away from me and he looked hurt but he recovers quickly.

"How can I make you forgive me?" He asks looking sincere. "There isn't a way now get out of here. Because last night you proved me right." I state. "Right about what?" He asks me.

"Right about how guys your type just want to get into girls pants and make them feel special but you....you sons of bitches just want a toy and throw the poor girls away like a fucking piece of trash! The reason why I say you people have no fucking heart, now get the fuck off my lawn or I will call the police. I mean it, I am tired of you stupid boys and you know what go find someone else to fuck around with because I am so out of here!" I yell at him and he looked stunned and I just roll my eyes and I walk back into my house.

"Damn who got you so mad that you had to cuss the shit out of them?" Ruby asks as I walk into the kitchen and I roll my eyes. "Look missie, I am tired of going to parties and looking out for you! Because of that stupid party, you almost cheated on Princeston and let me tell you something, I am so done with fucking parties! Because thanks to it I had to make out with you, and you almost cheated on Princeston and I had to see naked people jump into a pool and I almost ran over some guys and I....I...ugh! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!" I scream grabbing my keys and running out to my car and I see Damon isn't there anymore and I just drive off to the park that Zainden took me for the first time, when he made me ditch school.

I get out and I start walking around and I notice I was in the same place Zainden and I was. I slowly walk over to the pond and I see Zainden throw the rock into the pond and it skips and I try and I fail.

"Oh no, I can't do that." I hear myself say and I see Zainden grab me and he holds my waist and I see that my back is touching his chest and I see Zainden whisper something in my ear and I smile softly as I see his hand slowly travel from my shoulder to my hand.

I see myself throw the rock and it skips once and I see myself jump of excitement and hug Zainden, and he laughs and shakes his head. "You get excited for the littles of things." He laughs.

Then I notice they both start disappearing and I feel my cheeks wet and I didn't even notice I was crying. I wipe my tears off and I lay down flat on my stomach and I dip my finger's in the pond. Oh, what's happening to me? Why did I freak out like that? Why did I come here in the first place?

Isn't it obvious, you miss him, Bo.

Hearing my conscious say that makes me cry even more and I know I'm alone so I don't stop them, let them fall into the pond and join the rest of the tears of other people that have come here to cry.

I hate to admit it but I do love Zainden and I miss him, Oh how I wish he was here right now to comfort me and tell me that everything is going to be fine, but no, nothing will ever be fine and the same again.


Edited: 04.01.2020

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