When Love Dies

Chapter 4

The days passed into weeks and into a month. Phew! One month in school and I was already frustrated with the lectures and school in general. What I clearly needed was a break.

But that wasn't gonna happen anytime soon.

Tess, Ana and I became very close. The time she spent the night with us, we had so much fun. I ate so much popcorn my teeth became tired of chewing. We watched lots of movies and although I couldn't see anything, I made use of my ears and imagined what the actors looked like. After the movie, we played truth or dare. Tess mentioned during the game that she had dated up to five boys but they were just relationships for fun—whatever that means— I was confused but didn't press further. Ana confessed she flirted with her lecturer during a class, in the presence of other students. The lecturer was so strict that he embarrassed her. But according to her, she didn't regret it because he was tall and handsome. She stopped liking him when she found out he was married with three kids. Tess and I laughed all through the story. When they asked me what was my favorite memory, I told them about the boy I liked when I was young, who was my playmate and soulmate at that time. I didn't say it was Jason but Ana knew. I was grateful that she didn't say his name out loud. I didn't want Tess to pity me.

"Girl you need someone in your life. Someone  to have fun with." Tess advised after I was through with my story.

"What's your idea of fun by the way?" I had to ask.

"Well, I didn't imply sex, although that would be great," she and Ana giggled but I remained calm. I guess she sensed my serious look because she stopped giggling and turned serious as well. "Well someone you can share your deep thoughts and secrets with, travel with, love and who loves you in return, someone who would cherish and be there for you at all times." She ended her speech and for the first time that night, I realized she was saying the right thing.

"Hmm, have you ever experienced love before?" Ana asked. I guess she had the same question in mind like I did.

"No, but I hope to someday. I want to find that special person and when I do, I'll never give up on him. But we are diverting from the subject here. Cassie, you're just like my brother. He never dates. He is twenty three years old but hasn't dated any girl. Each time I ask him, he says he's still searching and hasn't found her yet." Tess replied.

"Then I guess we need to set Cassie and him together, don't you think so too?" Ana asked and I grumbled.

"I don't know. He told me sometime ago when we shared this brother-sister time together. He said he fell in love once, when he was quite young but lost contact with her. I don't think he has recovered yet though. But when I notice some changes of moving on in him and Cassie is still single, then yeah, we can set them up." She said.

"No one is setting me up with anybody. I want to meet Prince Charming on my own." I lifted both hands and grabbed what I felt was the ears of both girls, I squeezed and shouted "Is that understood?"

"Geez! Yes, we get the message clearly. You don't need to cut off our ears." Ana exclaimed.

"I believe if Cassie could see, she would be the Queen Bee of our group and boss us both around." Tess joked and I smiled.


Back to the present day, after the end of school, Ana and I headed to our favorite Sweet Love Restaurant which had turned to our second eating spot apart from home. Tess didn't come to school because she wanted to help her brother run some errands. I ordered chicken soup because I just wanted something light and hot and topped it off with bottled water. Ana ordered a fruit salad and water, insisting that she wanted something light as well.

We ate in silence and my mind wandered off to Tess, I wondered what she was up to at the moment. She was already like a sister to me and I valued our friendship. Maybe when I get home, I'd try to call her.

"Holy smokes Cassie!"

I jumped suddenly as Ana's voice, like a screeching sound, jolted me.

"What the hell is wrong with you Ana? Can't you tone your voice down a notch? You frightened me." I was already on the verge of losing my mind. I don't know why she raises her voice all the time.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." She apologized.

"It's alright, the deed has already been done anyways. So tell me, why did you scream like that?" I asked, I had already forgiven her immediately.

"It's just that there's this guy sitting a few distances away from us." She replied.

Yeah right, I knew it was something silly but I held my tongue from lashing out on her.

"That's not the good part. The good part is, he can't seem to take his eyes off you." She explained further. My breath hitched. Was she telling the truth?

"I know that look on your face, it's the 'Doubtful' look. Cassie, you've got to believe me. His still staring at you right at this moment."

"Well, what should I do? I can't even see him. Tell me what he looks like." I responded.

"Hmm, someone is interested." She teased.

"Aren't you the one who's been forcing me to find someone? Now I'm doing exactly that and you still have the guts to tease me. You are something else entirely." I said in between laughs.

"Back to business; he's so cute Cassie, blond hair, blue eyes, pointed nose, tall, maybe six feet or so. I need to see him when he's standing before I can be certain of his height. He's wearing a black V-neck shirt with black ripped jeans. The epitome of a sex god Cassie. You're lucky!" she squealed.

"Lucky? He hasn't even spoken to me yet and you've already planned our wedding in that big head of yours." I said and acted nonchalantly but inwardly, I was an emotional wreck. What if he notices that I couldn't see? I'm sure he'd run for his dear life.

I laid hold hold of my cane so he'd realize that I was blind. I didn't want to keep the poor guy's hopes up.

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