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Manvi Upadhyay

Never have i ever acted so desperate for anyone or anything. But now it' like i have lost control on myself. I am doing things I have no idea why? I WANT someone i never wanted before. Sighing, Some five years ago, she was my girlfriend and one can say things only went downhill from there. Just... more info

Story about: ex girlfriend, billionaire ex, billionaire boss

Ongoing: 09 Aug 147 pages
29585 850

Rating: 209

#19 in Romance
#4 in Contemporary Romance
#9 in Billionaires



Monika Singh

Dave Francis was the richest banker in the country. I was supposed to marry someone else but he won me in the auction. I had no choice but to marry him. I didn't know how long he would treat me like trash? How many times would he crush my soul? He made me believe that I was worthless. He saw me as w... more info

Story about: billionaire, enemies to lovers, forced marriage

Complete 267 pages
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Rating: 1167

#67 in Romance


My Worth?

Manvi Upadhyay

This is a story of Elisa, who is in a loveless marriage with one of the most rich and influential figure of the country Ryan Watson . He is one those arrogant, rich character who treats others inferior to him as 'Dirt '. Elisa was anything but what he wanted his wife to be . What will happen when af... more info

Story about: romance drama, self love, billionaire toxic love

Complete 152 pages
379306 5325

Rating: 886

#204 in Romance
#104 in Billionaires
#11 in Mystery
#5 in Romantic mystery


The Billionaire's Facade

Godiva Gilbert

Katherine Paul knew about the billionaire Blackwell family and she knew Shawn Blackwell, the sole heir to the fortune a little too well. Still she had no choice but to accept his help after the death of her struggling parents left her in a sea of college debts. With one year left to graduate she gr... more info

Story about: billionaire obsession, billionaire and an independent girl, billionaire love contract marriage

Ongoing: 09 Aug 90 pages
6170 301

Rating: 88

#65 in Romance
#16 in Contemporary Romance
#2 in Contemporary fiction
#2 in Urban life


My sister's husband

Sonita Olise

Alina is a young lady, full of dreams and hopes, but destiny seems to have her going into a direction filled with hate, anger and a lot of hold-ups. Can Alina ever see past her breakable life?. Can she find love after the uncanny twist of fate?... more info

Story about: love and fate, love a crazy obsession, love trust overcoming every hurdle

Ongoing: 08 Aug 59 pages
14640 656

Rating: 89

#35 in Romance
#16 in Billionaires


I Choose You 2

Kemi Adejumo

“I don’t know Molly. If that was the case then Christian would have forgiven me by now. But It’s been four years, why should I be the one to reach out to him?” I asked “Ok fine” she replied “but what about the love you guys shared, have you forgotten about it? Don’t you love him a... more info

Story about: one sided love, a love hate relationship, a prince and his ex best friend

Ongoing: 10 Aug 59 pages
12382 405

Rating: 103

#56 in Romance
#6 in Romantic suspense


Once Upon a Full Moon

Lisa Muller

Luella can’t remember anything that happened before her thirteenth birthday after surviving the car accident that killed her parents and sister. Ten years later, she moves back to her hometown, hoping to connect the dots and finally learn who she was before losing her memories. But the moment she ... more info

Story about: werewolf in love with a human, werewolf mates, werewolf fated mates

Complete 254 pages
14328 1135

Rating: 172

#62 in Romance
#2 in Paranormal Romance
#5 in Fantasy
#2 in Romantic fantasy


The Ceo's Assistant

Christina Maharaj

Katherine is an assistant at an advertising firm. She's been in a long-term relationship with her boss, Thomas. She's on cloud nine until she finds out he's sacrificing her for a promotion. Fired and heartbroken, Kat wanders the streets until she's almost hit by a car. The men in the car help her h... more info

Story about: forbidden love, office romance, boss and assistant

Complete 167 pages
31147 1195

Rating: 165

#87 in Romance
#22 in Contemporary Romance
#42 in Billionaires



Failia Baighaan

“Call my name, if you want me to stop, Cinzel.” With a seductive hiss, His grip over me tightened, shuddering violently by the proximity and his possessive grip, a tear pricked in the corner of my eye but he didn’t spare mercy. Defeated against his allure and dominance, I whimpered his n... more info

Story about: mafia, age gap romance, secrets dark

Complete 230 pages
28915 845

Rating: 231

#477 in Romance
#121 in Contemporary Romance

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