Alpha Charming Post #6 Craig Balfour

Author: Lisa Muller / Posted: 01.05.21, 11:54:06

It's time for our favourite character of all time - Craig Balfour!!!

Seriously, if you don't like Craig then you're probably a robot with no sense of humour (no offence to robots of course). I'm sure we all have that one aunt or uncle who's always cracking a joke at the most inappropriate times, or just attends gatherings for the wine... I know I do. 

It was super fun to find a list of five actors who can portray Craig. So here is the lucky Top 5: 

1. Craig Ferguson. Yes, you guessed right, he's the inspiration behind the character, I've been picturing him since the first chapter as the happy Scot who never combs his hair. You may also recognize him as the voice behind the Viking Gobber in How To Train Your Dragon. 

2. Ray Stevenson. You've probably seen in him the Thor movies playing Volstagg, the food-loving warrior in Asgard, as well as smooth-talking Porthos in The Three Musketeers. Another reason why he made the Top 5 is because of his witty smile and salt and pepper hair, which would work perfectly with Craig. 

3. Rory McCann aka the Hound in Game of Thrones. Although he never smiles or talks much in the series, the few phrases he does say are ridiculously hilarious. In real life, he's a fun-loving ray of sunshine and wouldn't have to put up much of an act to ace Craig's personality. 

4. Gerard Butler. No, I didn't forget about our favourite Scottish actor who starred in too many movies for me to name. If you haven't seen him in a movie yet then you're not watching the right movies. Usually, when not starring in an action movie, he portrays the rolls of witty and funny characters. 

5. Woody Harrelson aka Haymitch Abernathy in The Hunger Games and Tallahassee in Zombieland. Honestly, do I need to say more about those two characters except that they're perfect Craig material? 


And those are the Top 5 picks for our beloved Craig. Let me know in the comments who else you had in mind!


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Leah Collins
21.05.2021, 16:44:30

How to train your dragon was my favourite. Sort of still is. I hope you write another story when you can... This made it on my favourites list.

Gina Garcia
05.05.2021, 23:49:59

Definitely! The things that rolled off his tongue had me ? lol!

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