#1 in love

Author: Author Vanshika / Posted: 04.05.21, 11:55:08

Oh god, I can't believe we hit off guys. Never let go — Seduced is leading the love rankings. It is on #1 in love,  #10 in erotic stories while it stands on #33 in romance. All because of your love guys! Thank you so much! 

All I ask is if you could just keep on voting and commenting and 8f you are loving the story, reward it! 

Thank you so much!

I'm much better now, I was writing last update from the last two days but I had a very low bp due to which I was falling unconscious often. But now, I have a normal BP and I'm taking all he medicines so hopefully, next update will drop by tonight. I'm trying my best to complete the chapter and as soon a si complete it, I will post it.

With so much love!!


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lolove lala
04.05.2021, 15:18:28

Congrats yaar!

Rajni Kumari
04.05.2021, 12:46:03

Congratulation dear

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