Sour Temptaions : A Short Glimpse

Author: Niharika Nafisa / Posted: 08.05.21, 22:17:26

"Ab-Abraham", she whimpered. "I'm telling the truth. I didn't do anything. Please trust me"

"Why should I trust you? Why?", I clutched her cheeks again. "It was you to tell me not to trust you. I fucking got to know what you meant"

"But I didn't do that. Please believe me. I.....", she wanted to speak but I pulled out the revolver and held it at the temple of her head. Her eyes popped out in fear as she shivered.

"Shut the fuck up. Not a single word", I husked. She gulped, trembling and sweating. "If it was someone else, I won't take a single minute to put all the bullets in that skull"
What do you think about the next update? What could be the reason for Abraham's cruel behaviour? It's not easy to bring out the ruthless side of him! Want the next update soon?


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farha farook
09.05.2021, 09:01:15

I think his mother's palace is gone. And he thinks it is because of amara. Can't wait

Alisha Mehar
09.05.2021, 08:39:32

I think the new deal is cancelled and abraham is thinking amayra did it ?

kauser sultana
09.05.2021, 00:48:54

Can't wait

Romesa Navid
09.05.2021, 00:08:13

Can't wait

Tahmina Tanie
08.05.2021, 23:10:08

Dear author, i cant wait.......for next update.
This suspense is taking my breath away.
Every time i assume something to keep myself normal but u write totally different thing which i never thought i hv stopped assuming nd that’s the reason i felt like sumthing stuck in my throat. Plz update soon,if possible.

Saloni Seth
08.05.2021, 22:40:59

Too much excited for this part ??

08.05.2021, 22:20:31

Whooo waiting . I really want him to show his mobster side. But at the same time I want amyra to crack his balls too.

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