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Author: R O N A / Posted: 24.01.19, 12:58:33

I was a girl who had a simple dream before.
A young girl dreamed to meet the right guy for me.
A young girl dreamed to have a simple life and make a new family when I grow up.
Will be a famous writer and will be a good influence for the girls.

Everytime you go to school, there's always a rules that you have to follow. Once your feet entered you felt like they gonna control you cause you are still young and they are grown up enough. You are scared when you have nothing to scare about. You tried but It doesn't work out.

Should I say, didn't I had a confidence?
Should I say, was i really weak?
Or should I say, was i a coward?

You were just dreaming and I know it was not have any cost to dream.
Yes it is free cause you, you are the only one who work for it to make it real.

I thought it was as simple as that.
I thought it was easy cause I was a young naive girl never thought about you might be failing.
It was finer and greater to dreams but hard in real life. The worst is, I was In hurry to become an adult.

Afterwards, you've finished your high-school, you got diploma and medal, a graduation medal to be clear. Eating hamburger from Jollibee to celebrate your graduation, it was a simple but joyful celebration while I had no idea that reality had been waiting for me.


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Sam Holte 24.01.2019, 20:47:12

it is very good to express yourself, never know what will happen to you in future

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