On structure and Prototype

Author: B. Lois / Posted: 27.01.19, 10:11:47

"Writing a novel is not all about inspiration and craft. It is about process . . . " 

- Dan Brown.

Here's a little secret on my process in writing Gesiye. Okay, it's not so much of a secrete. It's more like my process.

 I had set out with a target number of words for each day and so far it worked! I was going beyond my target and it was quite exciting.

As a screenwriter I applied every bit of knowledge on structure and ploting out each beat and noting the important action points and all. However as an artist, it all started to feel a little flat to me.

The thing with creating stories that stand out is that, they go beyond conforming to structures and prototypes. Structures will ensure you get to the end of your work, but there is the secret ingredient that make your work come alive in a way that is unique to you or your story.

My secrete is taking breaks. haha! what did you expect to here. 

Imagine pouring out a number of words for days and weeks without a break you'd notice you sound like a typewriter rap ta tap ta tap over and over again.

My secret is taking a bit of time to interract with people and talk about the most abstract things that have absolutely no connection what soever to my story. oddly enough, it is in those moments i find new ideas that are needed to give my story a Pop.

well what do you know!

Do not dunk your work long enough to lose trail. and occassionally read it all over to get new angles. while on that break, what ever random ideas you think might wok or fail, write it down. the idea might not connect with your plot immediately, but somewhere down the line, you'd need it.

I want to apologise for the long break from posting new chapters, and also assure to expect something raddically refreshing.

PS: Reading feedbacks are my favourite snack time. So do leave your feedback. 

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With love,

Lois Burutu 


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Amie Knight 28.01.2019, 13:42:58

it should be very hard to write a novel, I have some ideas but I don´t think I could express them on paper:(

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B. Lois 29.01.2019, 02:11:57

Amie Knight, it is tasking. I'm not even going to lie about that part. But I find it exciting too because of the personal connection with the characters.

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