Thank you for you Patience while I was a Patient!

Author: Ruechari guru / Posted: 18.02.19, 04:21:18

Thank you so much for not giving up on my and my story SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME. I had gone in for a same day surgery which turned out to be far more complicated than anticipated. So, instead of same day and I'm home it was 3 day in the hospital but I am home now, recovering and have worked on and posted a new chapter to thank you you all for you well wishes and concern. Posted today, a new chapter for you all to read. I hope to back to my regular schedule of a chapter every other day. ENJOY!

Thanks again for the LOVE. 




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A.I.M 19.02.2019, 23:00:47

Wish you all the best, don't forget to rest as well!

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Ruechari guru 19.02.2019, 23:47:16

A.I.M, I'm trying. But I need to get this book completed for the contest. Good news for you is that means more chapters faster ; )

R O N A 18.02.2019, 06:36:27

Get well soon....

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Ruechari guru 18.02.2019, 17:49:01

R O N A, Thanks so much RONA ; )

R O N A 18.02.2019, 06:36:20

Get well soon....

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