Liúxīng and the mystery sword

Author: Babs / Posted: 12.07.19, 16:02:09

I am so disapointed that Liúxīng and the mystery sword, has not had the same interest as The Dragon and the ligting ball when the story follows on from that one. I am curious to find out why and it would be great to get some feedback to let me know if it is not gripping enough or it is the blurb which is letting it down as it does not draw you in as this will help me to become a better and hopefully help it become just as poplar as the previours book. This is one of the reasons I have not posted part two or done a coloured image. Please help me make it better :) 


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Roza Csergo 12.07.2019, 17:32:32

Hi. I haven't read your stories but I'm going to over the weekend.
I'm a Litnet author only since June, and I'd like to share with you my first impressions.
Comparing the two stories:
The Dragon and the lighting ball has a pretty good cover, it is complete at 49 pages, and has 8 chapters (that you probably published over a period of time, giving your story more exposure).
Liuxing and the mystery sword has a colorless sketch as a cover, it is an ongoing story that you started on the 20th June, you haven't updated it since, and you published only 1 chapter, 5 pages long. This means it got very little exposure.
Please, please, please don't give up because of the low views. In my opinion, you need to keep posting regularly to increase your views. And you also need an inviting cover with popping colors.
I hope this helps a bit. Happy writing.

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Babs 12.07.2019, 18:20:53

Roza Csergo, Thanks so much for feedback. Yeah I really must put up a coloured version of the cover for Liúxīng and the mystery sword, and dig out chapter two from the depths of my iPad. The problem is I have been busy with the launch of my novel Master Guardian which is just taking off in leaps and bounds and come next Saturday I will be launching the rewrite of Límíng wù & the missing Emperor, so I been busy getting all the images ready for that and just forgot to paint the cover for Liúxīng and the mystery sword it's still sitting here on my desk waiting. Never mind I will definitely get it done like I said this weekend.
Yeah I think you are right the reason the Dragon and the lightning ball did so well I was able to put up each chapter within like a few days of each other, this is because I was waiting for Guardian to come back from the proofreader and editor. I should have waited until now to post Liúxīng and the mystery sword, now I have the free time to focus on it ^_^
I hope you enjoy my work, thanks again for your feedback.

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