Change of Heart - A Short Story

Author: Vijay Kerji / Posted: 15.07.19, 16:07:12

Dear Readers/Authors,

I hope you had a fun weekend and ready to embrace yet another work week. I thought of sharing an interesting short story  - Change of Heart - with you. It's a love story between two youngsters who decide to unite together, but end up with something else. I hope you will enjoy the story. Please don't forget to share your thoughts and let me know if you like it.


A short blurb:

Vasant and Apsara are in love with each other. Vasant decides to meet her parents to seek her hand in the marriage, but Apsara's father challenges him to elevate his status and earn more. When Vasant accepts the challenge and joins a software company, something else awaits his life. Will Vasant and Apsara be able to unite? Read on.....


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