Love Hate Relationship 2 (give away post)

Author: Goodness Shadrach / Posted: 28.01.20, 12:42:18

Hi dear readers, thank you all so much for buying my book, I love the support I'm getting from you guys.


I understand some of you are angry with me for selling the book, I'm sorry about that but that is also the reason I made the first post to let you know that it will be offered for sale. As a writer, indeed we love to write but nothing makes us happy when our readers show us how much they love our books by rating it, adding a comment and giving us reward if possible. I know I can't make you less angry but try to see from the angle of a writer, you will understand then.


I know some of you are also happy with me for selling the book and congratulated me on that aspect but unfortunately you can't finish the book because you can't afford it so therefore, I am making this post to help five people get a free access to the book.

Please comment on the comment section so that I can choose five people randomly who will be giving a code to access the book "Love Hate Relationship 2"

Thank you all so much for your love and support on my book, I really appreciate : )


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Olayinka Hassan 30.11.2020, 22:51:13

I really love the story.....pls how can I buy the love hate relationship 2

Evette Villamor 23.11.2020, 18:56:34


Vandana Goyal 22.11.2020, 22:12:58

Loved reading part 1
Can't wait for part2
Please Please help with the code

Adedeji Olubukola Keke 14.11.2020, 11:17:09

Never enjoyed any novel as I enjoyed love hate relationship.

Ni Kky 10.11.2020, 09:21:53

Pls I need d code

Odii Blessing 09.11.2020, 20:08:32

I love this novel is so interesting that it kept me awake all through the night. I learnt a lot of things from like speaking out when because is only God that knows the heart of a man . Please help me with the part 2 , I really don't have money to buy it thanks

Chidera Jane 06.11.2020, 18:54:20

I relly enjoyed d novel and am looking forward to read d 2

Chioma Aruogu 02.11.2020, 21:59:19

I enjoyed the part 1. Looking forward to part 2. Simple n precise., beautiful story, ride on.

Fisayo Oladotun 31.10.2020, 19:37:33

I'm so in love with the story I downloaded this app to continue it only to find out you are selling it I don't mind if I don't win but what I know is you are an awesome writer and I love you for that.

Rukayat Opeyemi 31.10.2020, 18:04:10

I love it so much
But I really love to read the part 2

Bunmi Joseph 31.10.2020, 15:42:24

You write so beautiful and it's intriguing

Faith Louis 31.10.2020, 04:52:01

I so much love it

Ojo Aderonke 28.10.2020, 02:51:19

Kudos to you Mam for writing such an awesome story, i will love to read it to the end, but then the money is much, please mam i will appreciate if i can get a complete part of the novel.

Ayodele Ogunlade 25.10.2020, 00:13:51

I really want to finish this book. I will love to read it to the end. I love your books

Shish Kariukey 24.10.2020, 18:57:51

Hi...meaning not everyone will be allowed to access it unless the pay...that's to bad....I love you book

Marjorie May Sevilla 23.10.2020, 08:49:39

Hello, i love reading your novel.

Fiyinfoluwa Peace 23.10.2020, 03:43:03

Am really in love with this
Nice one

Grace Ozua Chichi Ebi 22.10.2020, 15:54:48

I would love to finish the book,you re actually good.thumbs up

Rida Fazlani 22.10.2020, 00:23:48

I really appreciate your work its amazing ☺️..Dolar rates are too high... Want to grab a chance to become one of the lucky person in your list that you can give access... Take care sweetheart love from Pakistan❤️

Sandra James 21.10.2020, 13:26:12

Please I love it can you please give me access

Lorna Cabigting Carreon 20.10.2020, 09:26:31

Please give me the free reading, i love it but i cant afford to buy it

patience Mhondiwa 17.10.2020, 16:40:18

I love it and enjoyed very much

Olamide Abdsalam 17.10.2020, 13:53:47

I really love the book

Mittu 17.10.2020, 03:41:31

Waiting to see if I can get access to the 2nd part, loved the first one

Iwuala Beatrice 13.10.2020, 12:26:15

Good storyline. Keep on the good work. Can I get access please

EMMANUEL KIPTUM 02.10.2020, 09:34:20

How can i pay? From kenya

Stephanie Ngufan 27.09.2020, 18:48:23

I have just reading the 1 of this book but I can't just stop

Loquacious 20.09.2020, 15:23:51

Great novel

Avose Lawal Tola 11.09.2020, 22:50:02

It's an interesting and captivating story. Thanks for been considerate.

Ifeoma Ogwezi 09.09.2020, 23:51:01

I love your story

Virginie Mantoni 27.07.2020, 23:58:02

It's a great novel. Thought I pity Michael for his cowardice

Muskan Maloo Singhi 14.07.2020, 13:36:22

Hi mam... I tried for it's not working
I hope mam I m not late for the code

Rakel Malik 22.05.2020, 12:23:21

Please can I be among the lucky 5 please I'm begging you ????.
Anticipation is killing me and I've no funds rn...
I read the first book and I really want to finish this one ?.

Victoria ETA 13.05.2020, 08:35:43

Please is there another means of payment? Like an account number we can pay directly to? I have tried using the normal method but it keeps rejecting my payment

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Goodness Shadrach 13.05.2020, 16:53:01

Victoria ETA, it's right there at he bottom of the platform in the browser.

Bharathi Rajagobalan 07.05.2020, 22:18:51

hello mam. Not sure if this is open still. I tried to pay but still not able to and I m not sure how to continue to read it. please help. Even if I m not the chosen one atleast I should be able to buy to read the book

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach 08.05.2020, 01:58:21

Hi dear, why don't you contact Booknet support team to help you with your buying issue?
This giveaway post has ended since January.

Sowmya Venkat 17.04.2020, 11:34:05

I love reading ur book. I will be lucky if I get a chance to finish the book fully

Uditi Naidu 01.03.2020, 08:51:27

Hey,Ma'm i love your loves and love hate relationship has become my favourite ,i know im late,but i hope i get to be one of those lucky ones,I really wanna finish this book..I love it soo much.Best wishes ma'm from Fiji islands

Suemie Emeka 29.02.2020, 17:22:15

Hey I hope I am not late for a code I really want to finish the book thanks

Nakato Jackie 12.02.2020, 09:05:43

i know amu late but ii hoped among those luckyones thnx so muchu for youru tym how iu wish i could aford it'will mek us bothby happy again thnxs so much

Enoch Lois 31.01.2020, 10:13:59

I love the book really well kudos to your beautiful brain ' it's unfortunate am unable to buy the book I wish to know the ending .love you more knowledge

Adenike Toriola 30.01.2020, 16:08:36

I really love your book I always check up on litnet for your story but I can't afford the book now I really hope I will be among the five lucky winners you will be choosing

Benedict Gabriel 30.01.2020, 11:49:11

I really love your book it makes my day everytime you update. But too sad I can't read it until it ends... I hope I am one of those lucky 5 you choose so that I can still read it for free. I'm so sorry but I can't afford to buy it. Thank you & God Bless.

Jamie Villanueva 30.01.2020, 09:03:40

I love your book... Its unique thats why i am eager to finish it but i cant afford to buy it... I hope i can have a free access... Lovelots from philippines

MaeJed Bdejeam 30.01.2020, 06:08:39

i hope i can continue to read this book i love the story so much.. but i can't afford on it.. i hope??

Lauren Coller 29.01.2020, 13:09:13

I love this book, wish I could read the rest. All the best from Cape Town, South Africa

Nevena Stopic 29.01.2020, 11:48:15

The book is great, its killing me with anticipation of whats going to happen next. I wish your success, and maybe one day we can read hard copy. Greetings from Europe, Serbia.

remmy adeyinka 29.01.2020, 10:49:46

I ll like to be among those that you ll be selected cos I love your books. Like I said before I ll love to buy this book as form of showing my support but don't have money for now. Hope I ll be considered

Margaret Cobham 29.01.2020, 08:25:32

Am so in love with this book just so sad I could not finish reading...please help me ..I will be so grateful

Bang Chae Ha 29.01.2020, 07:29:57

Hello :-) I've been a fan of all your published books.. I read all of them and when the LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP starts to publish, I really can't wait to read the whole chapters. It made me so excited to know that there is a part 2 Of the book but sadden to know that need to buy it for me to be able to finish reading it :-( I hope you can choose me :-) Godspeed

Tabitha Mutashi 29.01.2020, 06:17:53

Am so in love with the book but I couldn't buy it. Anyways I wish to read more of your stories my favourite writer

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