Love Hate Relationship 2 completed!

Author: Goodness Shadrach / Posted: 22.03.20, 04:14:43

Hi guys, I have finally marked Love Hate Relationship 2 complete.


I hope you guys love the ending part of the story and I hope you enjoyed reading from the first page of book one to the last page of book 2.

I took my time writing this story and also to make it interesting and worth reading to you guys. So if you enjoyed the story, don't forget to tell me in the comment box, give me a like and follow me if you haven't.

To my readers waiting for an update on my other stories: Bride for Rent, Secret: A country Romance and Tomboy.

I'm sorry that I did not update any of them this week, I just wanted to complete Love Hate Relationship 2, it's been ongoing for a while now and I didn't like it.

And now, the good news is: I have completed it. Now I'm going to update a chapter for each of the other stories and what's more? They will have all my attention now.

Thank you all so much for be patient with me, loving my books and following me.

I'm more than grateful.

Thanks a lot.


Goodness Shadrach ❤


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David James 25.03.2020, 16:51:21

Hi Author. Firstly, I have never read a novel with much attention as this, it looks so awesome from the start to the end, it gave me the feeling I would have when watching a brilliantly scripted and acted action movie. I was glued to this book from the start to the end. I really do love your stories and I do wish you the best of luck. I find me in the realm created by most stories I read, but I still find me still in the world encapsulated in your story even after reading it. Kudos to you and I look forward to more awesome novels from you.

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Goodness Shadrach 25.03.2020, 20:15:37

David James, Aww, such sweet words. Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed the story :) I'm more than happy you were not disappointed.

Pweety Tosyn Ayoola 25.03.2020, 05:25:35

Thank you so much, but I didn't get to read the remaining episode...just coming online now...please one more chance sister.. God bless you and I am super proud of you...I love you

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Goodness Shadrach 25.03.2020, 07:26:03

Thank you :) I love you too.

Pweety Tosyn Ayoola 25.03.2020, 05:22:56

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Ruechari 22.03.2020, 15:00:53

Ha! I meant to congratulations as me and didn't realize I was still logged into the Booknet Authors so I'm coming back to say, I'm so proud of you. You've worked really hard to achieve this goal, through illnesses and accidents and all the hard work you put in over at The Writers Club. You're awesome! Congrats again!

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Ruechari 22.03.2020, 16:24:16

Goodness Shadrach, I couldn't do all the good work that we've done with you all. Thank you for being a part of it. More awesome things to come, this is just the beginning. I know it.

Booknet Authors 22.03.2020, 13:58:54

Congratulations! WOW! Great job!

Izzy 22.03.2020, 09:39:18

I loved reading it❤️ Favourite book so far;))))

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Goodness Shadrach 22.03.2020, 10:38:47

Thank you Iz :)

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