Chapter 36 of The Hostage

Author: AnnaRCase / Posted: 28.06.20, 05:19:50

Hello. Chapter  36 is posted. Leo is not quite the gentlemen at the prettiest cafe in Paris :) It feels so good to be bad in this spicy chapter. Enjoy.


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Jacqueline Rhone 28.06.2020, 09:38:10

I see you Leo" Yummy"?

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Jacqueline Rhone 30.06.2020, 00:12:45

AnnaRCase, ?

Felicitas Ezinne 28.06.2020, 09:12:24

I'm really missing out ?
When the Arrangement finished, I wanted so bad to know what's up with Grayson and his sudden change of mind, about Amby's pregnancy and love triangle between herself Leo and Grayson

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AnnaRCase 29.06.2020, 20:23:24

Rakel Malik, I was just meaning in general too. Where's the fun in simple straight forward romances :)

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