"You Are the Reason" Chapter11 update (+18)

Author: Emma Swan / Posted: 16.09.20, 05:38:54

Hi, Y'all!!!!

Blixx and Alexandra are back and hotter than ever... blame it on "Infernal" nightclub the new nightclub in town.. They decided to go out and have a real good time, away from thoughts and questions, and they took their love life to another level...  I hope you will enjoy what you are about to read... I had a blast writing it. 

Here's an excerpt just for you: 

Please, let me know what do you think about the story so far. 

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As always, I am waiting for your comments and your votes. You know that your opinion matters a lot to me. As soon as possible, I will answer all your comments. 

Until our next encounter, I will remain always and forever yours truly,

Emma Swan. 


PS. stay tuned, a new update is coming your way and trust me, you do not want to miss it!!!!! 




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