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Author: Roza Csergo / Posted: 16.09.20, 10:52:41

Hello, my dear readers. 

Hope you are doing alright. 

This is just a quick announcement to let you know Thunder Tournament will be continuing starting from next week, Wednesday, and it's free. 

It's another romantic fantasy with a kick-a$$ female lead. 

Click on the link to go read it. There are 20 parts up.


       The Thunder Tournament takes place every year. Why is it different this time? It's the year of the Wish. The champion is granted one, no matter how outrageous that is.
       Nobles and peasants alike want riches and fame, but 18-,years-old Igrin has only one thing in mind, vengeance.
       Willingly thrust into the undergrounds of this competition, she finds something she wasn't looking for, love. Soon she realizes how dirty this tradition truly is and questions her capability of survival.
        Will she rise and have her wish heard by the King, or will the others squash her with their deceit and vile tactics?


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Wish you all a good day.


Much love, Roza




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