Update! Chapter 5! Resistance or...

Author: Anna Kotlyarevska / Posted: 24.09.20, 15:00:36

Hey, babes!

Added Chapter 5 to the book "Love is poison, Love is paradise" ! Online now! ;) They will try to push each other away... Will it work?

Extract from the new chapter:


"4:00 am is our time... Have you forgotten? I am here," he looked at me gently.

"I did not know that this is our time. All "ours" ended when you started pawing that girl in the club," I rolled my eyes.

"I'll bet. Rather, at the moment when you wanted to be friends, I wanted to answer quickly, but could not find the right words. That's enough negotiations, come here"

He pulled me to his waist and buried his nose in my hair. I could feel his measured breath. He stroked me on the back, moving lower to the ass. It was so good...



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