Last day of His Ruthless Desire2 discounted price.

Author: Aliza Jabri guru / Posted: 24.10.20, 16:24:47

Readers, today is the last day to buy 'His Ruthless Desire 2' at a discounted price of $1.49. Tomorrow the book will be completed and the price will go up to $1.99.
 So you guys better hurry and grab the chance.





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Fatima Lukman 02.11.2020, 14:21:44

How I wish I could just complet reading d novel,be wallahi I really want to no what will happen to Malik and Eva but I don't no how to go about it.......... never the less u are doing a great job keep it up and ,an I lot d way u put people in suspense it triggers some to want to read more great work dear more knowledge ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Aliza Jabri guru 02.11.2020, 14:30:27

Fatima Lukman, Thank you so much.

Enang Adekunle Adeosin 26.10.2020, 03:46:44

I already purchased this book for 1.49USD on the 4th of October. I was denied access up till now. Evidence of payment is with the name Enang Adekunle Adeosin from access bank Nigeria.
Amt: NGN6850.85 Dr
Acc: 007******773
Time:04/10/2020 @3:17:15
Please kindly check your records and grant me access to continue reading.

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Enang Adekunle Adeosin 27.10.2020, 02:20:35

Aliza Jabri, okay, sorry I sent this to you again.

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