Billionaire's Bed Warmer - 34 is out!

Author: Jathryn Samuel (LostpuppyJS) / Posted: 09.11.20, 23:35:26

Hey my lovely readers and friends,

Chapter 34 of 'Billionaire''s Bed Warmer' is updated. Chaeck it out and let me know your thoghts. Thanks a lot, stay safe.


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Mardie Balatbat 14.11.2020, 15:03:06

Did you published a book ? I like to read it in a book. Thank you. Stay safe. God bless.

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Jathryn Samuel (LostpuppyJS) 14.11.2020, 23:27:54

Mardie Balatbat, I published 'Biilionaire's Bed Warmer' , dear. I didn't get what what you said actually. Thanks and stay safe, hun.

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