About Commercial Status and Sales…

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About Commercial Status and Sales…

So as a writer on Booknet you may be wondering why isn’t it possible for you to sell your stories right away. Especially when you read some paid stories and discover they are not written perfectly, and almost appear to be the writer’s first draft.

And there is a simple answer to this...

Way back when Booknet first started it did not have requirements for reaching commercial status. Many authors, even the most experienced thought they could sell their novels successfully on the site, only to be met with disappointment.

In studying those authors who were successful Booknet discovered it was not the book that determined the sales but the number of active readers. This is why you need at least 100 followers and 80 regular readers. It helps you, the writer, avoid this disappointment.

Having 100 followers and 80 regular readers (readers who are returning on a regular basis to continue to read your story) means you have possible buyers for your book. Without these stats selling your book would not be a viable idea. 

So let’s now answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions:

Is “Follow for a Follow” the best way to reach 100 followers?

It is definitely a way to get 100 followers but is the best way? Not really because not all writers are readers who are interested in purchasing a book you have for sale. So, keep this in mind when you’re trying to sell and may not get the results you are looking for. What you really want is 100 readers, then you know you have 100 fans of your work who are more likely to purchase what you are selling.


Why do I need to have a completed novel offered for free?

Because readers won’t read or buy what they don’t know about. Offering a free book allows readers to get to know you and your writing style. Plus, it’s no secret that one of the best marketing tools is a free book.


Does Booknet decide what to sell?

No Booknet does not decide what to sell. They are not publishers who want to own the book. They are a platform for independent writers. Anyone can publish on Booknet. If a novel reaches the proper stats, the author will be offered commercial status. The author makes all the decisions, the success of their stories relies on them. Booknet does however pay the highest royalty share in the market and will give free ads, and promotion to any story sold on Booknet and some not sold.


Why doesn’t Booknet offer commercial status to Short Story or Poetry writers?

It is unfortunate but Booknet has discovered that only the sales of full-length novels are viable. Readers are not willing to buy short stories or poetry online.


Once I reach commercial status what can I do to improve the results of my sales?

It depends on whether a book is ongoing or completed. It's basically easier to promote an ongoing story because you can "push" it higher in ranks with regular updates on Bookent. The authors have to make sure that they use all available marketing methods like self-promotion, social media, promo activities, asking some influencers for recommendations, publishing samples, ads, etc. Also, it's a good idea to try to understand your readers and communicate with them as much as possible.


If I write for another platform, could I bring my story over to Booknet and sell it as ongoing when I reach the 80 regular readers, or are Bookscriptions only offered on stories that are new?

If it's an incomplete story with less than 160K characters, then you can bring it over to Booknet and sell it as “ongoing”. But you would also have to make it paid everywhere else or stop updating it when it's for sale on Booknet. If the story is complete and reaches 80 regular readers you can still sell the story but you would have to sell the story as “complete.”


Some readers get highly upset or affronted when a book suddenly goes up for sale that they were reading for free. What advice would you give authors to handle these readers' feelings on this subject? Do you think forewarning readers in blogs or the annotation is a good idea if the author knows they want to sell the book?

It's the choice of the author. Booknet can't make an independent author do something. Making a story paid out of the blue probably will disappoint many readers. But it's also true that some readers will be disappointed even if it was announced in advance that the book is about to become paid in the future. Booknet however does encourage authors all the time to talk to readers.


Does my book have to be perfect before I sell?

As I mentioned above many of the books sold are the authors' first draft of the story because they are selling the book as ongoing, which means the story is still being written. The readers are aware of this when they purchase a Bookscription so they aren’t expecting the books to be flawless.

However, editing your work as you write, trying to put your best work forward is always encouraged as it a bonus to you and to the readers who are following you. They are paying to support your writing so try and give them your very best as a thank you for believing in you and your skills as an author.  


Who owns the rights to my book if it’s published on Booknet?

The author always retains the rights of any book sold or published on Booknet.


How do I handle questions about paying for a Bookscription or Completed story?

Some readers do run into issues on paying for a book that they want if they notify you in the comments that they are having a problem it is best to send them to Customer Support, but most often times the problem is easily resolved through them. You can also direct them to the Readers FAQ on the site as most questions are answered there.


Can I enter into a contract with Booknet if I am under 18 years of age, without a parent or guardian?

If you reach commercial status and are not 18 yet you cannot enter into a contract with Booknet without a parent or guardian. Your profile can stay in your name, but any contract would need to be signed by a parent or guardian and all royalties would be sent in the parent or guardian's name. 


Am I a failure as a writer if I never reach commercial status?

Reaching commercial status is great. Selling a book successfully is a milestone but you really shouldn't base your success as a writer on whether or not you attain these goals. As writers, our goal is to write, to share our stories with the world, to not leave this world with our stories still inside of us. 

I have had readers tell me that my books have brought them closer to God or that they have taught them how to love. Two actual comments I have gotten from readers. I can only speak for myself when I say writing stories that move people, get them thinking about life in a positive way, having them believe in love, making characters they can relate to and connect with, this is what success as a writer means to me and I hope you would agree. 



So that should sum up most of the most frequently asked questions about Book Sales and Commerical Status. I hope this was helpful. If you have any other questions feel free to ask them in the comments below. 

Hugs- Ruechari




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Thank you so much Miss Rue...its inspiring
You are awesome.

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Ruechari guru 06.12.2020, 19:58:05

dreamweaver, You're welcome. I hope it helps.

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Really thanks for helping us to know booknet better.

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Ralf Royale 29.11.2020, 17:42:33

Aah, thanks for this! I reached all the requirements of the commercial status but sadly I have to wait for 2 months (my 18th b’day) until i become 18 yrs old, right? :(

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Ruechari guru 01.12.2020, 13:52:46

Ralf Royale, I just confirmed the profile can be in your name but the contract and where the royalties would be sent would have to be through a parent or guardian. Unless you are 18 years old.

Roza Csergo 29.11.2020, 17:36:58

This is very informative.
Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you Reuchari, very informative

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This is very motivating and timely! Thank-you very much!

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Vijay Kerji, I'm glad I could help.

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