'billionaire's Bed Warmer' is updated - 46 is out!

Author: Jathryn Samuel (LostpuppyJS) / Posted: 02.12.20, 19:55:02

Hi My Dear Friends and readers, 'Billionaire's Bed Warmer' is updated and chapter 46 is out. Read it and let me know. I am sorry for the late update; there was a sudden power outrage. Thanks for your understanding. Love you... Stay safe and blessed.


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Hanna-Michelle Mendoza 03.12.2020, 13:58:32

Hi author really enjoyed your books... Worth every penny anyway I hope you will have a book 2 for the Tainted Love

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Hanna-Michelle Mendoza 05.12.2020, 00:33:20

Jathryn Samuel (LostpuppyJS), Wow...I will look forward to it... thanks have a great day ?

Ceyna 02.12.2020, 21:06:37

I swear, I’m so happy that I purchased your book. First Tainted Love and then Billionaire’s Bed Warmer.. I must say that you’re absolutely talented and that you have the best stories. Billionaire’s Bed Warmer is legit one of my favorite stories out of all the stories I’m reading currently. Tysm for the almost daily update you do, can’t wait for the next chapter!

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Jathryn Samuel (LostpuppyJS) 03.12.2020, 08:44:43

Ceyna, Thank you sooo much, dear. ???

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