Sorry Once Again

Author: Nina Daniel / Posted: 12.01.21, 13:37:49

Hello my people, 

I know many of you have been very disappointed in me and I owe you an apology, I am very sorry for making you wait longer; especially my paid readers. 

I had been sick and that's I couldn't put my words into docs. Now, I'm much better. You guys can expect updates sooner 


Much Love, 

Your Author, 


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Gigi Patino 13.01.2021, 20:30:31

Get well soon. Your health is more important

likkita 12.01.2021, 18:45:45

Get well soon dear ?

Shalini 12.01.2021, 17:29:11

It's alright. Your first priority should be your physical and mental health at the moment. :-)
We can wait. KEEP SMILING :-)

Gena Elgie 12.01.2021, 16:48:51

Please feel better soon. Hugs

punita yadav 12.01.2021, 14:35:50

No need to worry. I’m ok if you just inform us like this.
Get well soon completely

Anjaani 12.01.2021, 14:08:01

Omg bro! Please take care of urself. We can wait but dnt mess with ur health.

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