Through Your Eyes Update

Author: Marilyn Lucero / Posted: 14.01.21, 09:31:40

My dear followers, 

Thank you so much for your desire to continue reading "Through Your Eyes." I have read all your comments and private messages.

We can talk about it. Just message me privately on these links below:


Always yours,



  • Through Your Eyes Book 2

Book. "Through Your Eyes Book 2" read online


  • Through Your Eyes Book 1

Book. "Through Your Eyes" read online




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Shiza Naeem 15.01.2021, 11:03:01

These 2 were amazing stories ...waiting for your new stories to read...I hope u can focus on a beautiful witch now

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Shiza Naeem 17.01.2021, 09:54:10

Marilyn Lucero, Yayyyyy this comment makes my day!!!!!!❤️

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