My Lovely New Project - Completed

Author: MarilynF / Posted: 15.01.21, 22:53:08



❤  Thank you for coming this far ... Thank you for supporting me with your readings ... Thank you very much. ❤

I'm sad about the end but at the same time satisfied with another completed project. My sincere thanks to everyone who accompanied me on this adventure and for the good reception you have always had for my stories.

Especially for those readers who decided to leave anonymity and dedicate me a note of motivation or their impressions about the novel, to those who decided to reward my work with a star, to those who shared with their acquaintances or a message on social networks. You can't imagine how valuable all those gestures are to me, how much help and how much motivation they give me to get ahead and continue with what I'm doing.

I will take a short break to refine the details of my next projects but it will not be much, I assure you.

I do not want to abuse spoilers ... I will only tell you that this series called APPEARANCES, has one story to know, which would be that of Jazmin Smith.

We will also start a new series called HERE AND NOW where our friends Emil, Elliot, and Erick are looking forward to it.

Not to mention our new friend named "Caramelo", who is anxiously waiting for her story to come out of the oven.  LOL.


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I send a big hug to everyone
I hope you liked the end of this story ... Tell me your impressions.
As I always tell you: Nothing better for a happy reader than an inspired writer. (^ - ^)
Have a happy day!

❤ Marilyn Faneite ❤


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Scarlet Rojo 22.01.2021, 22:45:18

Alana lives complaining about how inopportune Danny is but I think it's the opposite, he's the one who always arrives on time for everything.

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MarilynF 23.01.2021, 13:40:05

Scarlet Rojo, Exactly friend! The whole novel is a 'Great Ode to Irony', another example is that for Alana, the blond is perfection made man ... and we already realized that he brings several manufacturing defects ... like all of them (^_^). Happy day!

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